Kinetic Linearity

Rowan Sophie Calvert

Kinetic Linearity

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Kinetic Linearity is an AW womenswear collection, encompassing resortwear with a hint of sporty aesthetic. The collection is inspired by the movement and repetition of linear structures and the negative space that is in turn created by them.

Taking inspiration from these elements, the collection is designed with layered garments expressing a level of sophistication and playfulness. With a focus on creating negative space through layering different silhouettes. Each outfit will consist of several garments exposing other layers and the body through cut outs and transparency, replicated lines and shapes that are complimentary of conceptual research.

With my technical knitting skills, there will be a huge variety of interesting and unique fabrics, along with garment silhouette that has been informed from primary and secondary research and developed through draping on the stand and body.

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