Into the Lattice

Shivam Srivastava

Into the Lattice

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This science and art inspired collection debugs the age old myths related to crystals and gemstones. Its takes into account the optical phenomenons of light that occur inside a crystal lattice which changes its structure such that it interacts with the human nervous system. These phenomenons namely - Polarisation and diffraction of light have been a key aspect during conceptualising of this project. 3d surface detailing using delicate silk crepe fabric to recreate the optical ripples as light refracts through the various angled edges inside the lattice. Silk chiffon replicates the single plane and multi planed vibrations on the surface giving it texture. A strong taffeta base garment with varied sheerness across the body is an ode to the sturdy and transparent facade of a crystal. Each ensemble has been inspired by the vibrations and parabolic movement of light such that when viewed as a whole it looks like a frozen moment in time where the viewer is captured inside the fantasy world of a crystal lattice. This entire collection is monochrome to enhance the appeal of the silhouette as a whole.

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