The Garden at 2000ft

Sophia Bevan

The Garden at 2000ft

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‘The Garden at 2000ft’ features natural inspiration from The Eden Project and the beauty of Marrakech, Morocco.

Nature is what gets my creative juices flowing the most. It is the air we breathe and what makes me feel the most connected to the world we live in. I have focussed on the plants and flowers that catch my eye within The Eden Project in Cornwall, looking at colour, shape, detail and uniqueness of the array. I visited in Summer 2019, when the blooms were at their peak and I captured this with my love for photography which was passed down from my late Grandfather/professional photographer. Capturing a still moment before they are gone is something that fascinates me entirely.

My camera also took a trip to Morocco. It has always been a dream of mine to visit Marrakech and soak up all the bohemian vibes and bright coloured tapestry. However, since joining the TDFI course I have grown to distinguish that that ideology was not in my realm anymore. Upon arrival in Marrakech, it was evident that this city was much more than what you see on Pinterest. The colours, composition and textures within the souks, mountains and general streets appealed to me most.

This project reflects both of these wonderful places with a much deeper meaning to me, much like a souvenir.

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