Lifestyle Fabrics: Wearable Interior Fabrics for the Wellbeing Focused Indoor-Based Millennial

Yasmin Jamieson

Lifestyle Fabrics: Wearable Interior Fabrics for the Wellbeing Focused Indoor-Based Millennial

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I intend to design a collection of collaborative interior/fashion fabrics to suit the lifestyle of a person who finds comfort with staying within their home, away from the crowded, business of the outdoors. I aim to create knitted fabrics for an interior setting that could also provide comfort and relief when worn on the body due to fidget points and textures to interfere with to calm anxieties. By using exaggerated and voluminous stitch structures and textures,  the environment in which placed will be enhanced and display emphasised use of tactility and fidget points within fabrics to keep the mind distracted when feeling anxious or uneasy. These fabrics will be focused on mental wellbeing, comfort, inner warmth and security.

Fabrics were scaled up, became more dramatic and exaggerated, pushing boundaries in order to create something new each time. Goals and to do lists were set each week so that the project remains up to date, time management was enforced to get the most out of the workday. Time was dedicated for research and developing boards as project moved forward.. Fabrics were developed continuously to get the most out of techniques used. CAD and Shima softwares were used to visualise fabrics before dedicating time to knit physically. Own yarns sourced from JC Rennie to ensure the highest quality of fabrics would be produced.Millennials are my target market, as this age range are most Invested in their mental wellbeing and mindfullness, while also expressing themselves through their home. The modern-day millennial would rather be shopping online, work from home, using online therapists and doctors.

Millennials tend to want a more work/life balance to avoid burnout, which a lot of labour and office jobs cause, therefore spending most of their time in the comfort of their home Interiors.Although I am designing for an interior purpose, I identify with the anxiety relief market which includes fidget spinners and cubes, stress balls, playing putty and other small gadgets that have fidget points or elements to play with and interfere with. I gathered some inspiration from interior and fashion brands to build inspiration for design placement, colour, texture and how to achieve the end product of a comfort based collection. Eventually these will be refined down to key images and fabrics. From gathering inspiration from WGSN and the storyboards, i was able to create a firstlook palette. This includes pinks, mauve, rose, mustard and a greyscale with deep green. After creating a small selection of knitted tension swatches ready to be knitted in preperation for final fabrics, i was able to Photoshop the majority of the tension swatches into a large scale fabric idea. This allows me to finish visualisations in a realistic way which i had intended - 4 collections with 4 fabrics each, 2 main and 2 supporting.

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