Anna Hudson

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Decembers Designer of the month winner: Anna Hudson is an undergraduate student at Leeds Art University studying Textile Design.  

Instagram: @annajanehudson

About Anna: Anna is currently in her final year studying Textile Design in Leeds. She did a foundation in illustration at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Currently Anna is exploring screen printing as a means for creating sensory textiles with the intention to helping children with sensory processing difficulties. Some of her previous work includes processes like rug making and embroidery. Alongside these she creates illustrations using 'Procreate' to document her life and engage people in topics such as mental health. Anna is a firm believer that textiles can be used to support well-being, learning and spark conversations. She is eager to explore different ways to do this and not stick to one particular means of creating.

Favourite textile technique: I love the process of rug making but my answer to this could change on a daily basis as I'm always eager to try out different techniques. I don't think I really fit into one box and I think that's okay. I always felt like I needed to be great at one thing and just do that forever but what's the fun in that?

Inspirational Designers: Caroline Kaufman, Yinka Ilori, Grayson and Flo Perry, Nina Cosford off the top of my head.

Dream job: My dream job would be to have a studio where I could make giant, bright textured rugs! I have an obsession with collecting yarn just because I like the colours so it would be good to put all that to some use! I would love to work with children in some form of workshops along the lines of Art therapy.