Cherry & Mint

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October's Designer of the Month: Zoey Philippou studied Graphic & Advertising Design and has an Ma in Animation. A few years after she graduated and worked as a full time graphic designer, she started experimenting and eventually fell in love with surface design.

Instagram: @cherry_and_mint


About Zoey Philippou : Zoey was always drawn towards fashion and that's when she realised her two passions, fashion and surface design can be combined to create something that would fulfil her creative needs. This resulted to the creation of her brand "Cherry and Mint" in 2016 with a small range of illustrated all over print clothing and it has become a project which reflects her love to create, explore and experiment through art and fashion. At the same time her process evolved maintaining ecological views and disciplines into perspective, by using eco friendly inks and printing techniques for textiles before they become handmade garments in her home studio in Cyprus. Her brand has slowly developed into a retro colourful universe with prints and patterns inspired by past eras for people who want to wear bold artistic statement pieces. Through Cherry and Mint, Zoey wants to inspire people to explore their own unique style without feeling trapped into the norms. She believes fashion is not about following the trends blindly but to influence you to find your unique self and be comfortable with the image you project.

Favourite textile technique: Printing on fabric

Inspirational Designers: Susan Alexandra, Manish Arora, Mary Katrantzou

Dream job: The dream is quite simple. To grow my brand, Cherry and Mint and open up a small store in my City where it will host other small independent brands like me! This is something that would make me super happy.