Korean Pojagi Patchwork

Alexandra Holt

Korean Pojagi Patchwork

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The collection focuses on the Korean patchwork technique of Pojagi. The technique involves enclosing the raw edges of pattern pieces in folded seams, with the final product displaying a similar effect to a stained-glass window. Originally used as wrapping cloths to present gifts to family and friends, the final collection demonstrates the techniques potential for the high-end, bespoke womenswear fashion market. The final product of this project is a Kimono, created using traditional indigo dyeing techniques and embellished with luxurious metallic digital embroidery.

Offered as part of a bespoke service, clients will receive a high quality, unique, stand out garment. Each individual Kimono will be measured to the exact size of the client, with the exclusive opportunity for the customer to personally choose the placement and quantity of embroidery and make a colour choice from a set colour palette of blue, beige, gold and cream. Customisation of the silhouette includes the adaptation of the sleeve style and length, garment length and choice of Obi or belt. Future collections will take aspects of the traditional Kimono, combining them with contemporary fashion styles to create fresh and exciting hybrids of western and eastern styles.

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