Physical Effects of Depression

Bethany Rice

Physical Effects of Depression

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The physical effects that depression has on the body is represented through textile processes.

The series of 3D textile pieces are to heighten the awareness of the physical effects of depression, to encourage more funding in the mental health sector of the NHS.

The concept of this project is to reflect the biological research of the change in the body for people with depression through exploration of textile manipulation into 3D form, focusing on shape, colour and the three key words.

The three key words that reflect the physical changes of the body for people with depression are: Constriction, Clustered and Diminished. The words are the base drivers of this project and are applied to the development of textile process testing to effectively portray the physical effects of depression. The main areas of the body focused on is blood vessels, the heart, neurons, and neurotransmitters which are all influenced by to the key words.

The project idea has been taken further by setting up a Crowdfunder to encourage more people to donate to the NHS to support the mental health sector. A postcard will be sent to anyone that has donated through the Crowdfunder that displays this work as well as more information about the physical effects of depression.

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