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Discovered Remnants

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Discovered Remnants combines the concept of found objects with the lost technique of Passementerie. Since the 19th century the skill of Passementerie has declined and is now considered endangered. Ellie has discovered passementerie and evolved it within her work to create a modern and unique look whilst bringing it back into the 21st century. The found objects are items that Ellie has collected over the years from different locations. The objects range from pottery to fossils with natural textures and colours being a key theme. Ellie wanted to create a story of the objects through drawing and interesting still life setups. This created a trail leading to her woven samples, clearly showing the connection and a story between the objects, drawing, samples, and product. Ellie combined the technique passementerie and this concept to make high-end bespoke bags for the season S/S 2021. They are fully hand made with the method of being slow to guarantee quality. These bags consist of a unique passementerie sample, which is based on my drawings of found objects. Then underneath is a handwoven Herringbone wool lining with an inside lining of polyester.

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