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Emily Hatton

Abstract Waste

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Abstract Waste is an experimental hard surface project that combines innovation with recycled materials to produce a collection of intricate yet playful three-dimensional tiles. The visual inspiration for this project comes from various architectural styles found in Bournemouth, Dorset. From art-deco silhouettes to the more contemporary and angular styles, their abstracted shapes and colour directly informed the design process. The project features processes such as laser-cut and hand construction, UV print, mould making and casting. The collection has been designed for a luxury interiors market with the potential for architectural application.

The project has two significant experimental elements, the first plays with repetition, depth, and shape. Using laser cutting techniques to produce multiples of a shape which were then set into an endless array of compositions. The second element of the project was the study into using organic waste materials within design, and what aesthetic properties they could offer. This was explored by casting materials such as wood shavings, sawdust, eggshell, and grass cuttings into an eco-resin which produced unique and exciting textures and surface patterns. It is these textures combined with the playful colour palette that proves waste materials have much to offer design.

The materials for this collection have been carefully considered as I believe it is incredibly important to consider what effect the work will on the natural environment. For this reason, I chose to work mainly with birch wood as when discarded, will naturally return to the earth. I also made use of an eco-resin that is non-toxic to both humans and the planet. Acrylic has a small role to play within the palette, although a plastic, it has been recycled and so is much less damaging than virgin plastic and prevents the material from being discarded of.

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