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Lauryn McDermott

In Bloom

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When creating my graduate collection, I drew inspiration from many aspects that can be found in nature’s plants and flowers, particularly in my own garden. I wanted to consider bright colours, obscure patterns, delicate lines and the form present. Through my drawing, sampling and design development, my ideas have evolved persistently to create a body of knit work with a variety of dispersed motifs partnered with some more structured design patterns. I predominantly focused on working with patterns inspired by my digital and freehand line drawings. I was able to translate my patterns into knitted jacquards with the Passap E8000. I wanted to also include a piece with some more three dimensional aspects. I was able to achieve this on the chunky domestic knitting machine by creating individual petal shapes to hand stitch into flowers.This collection uses a range of pale pastel pink, lilac and blue tones juxtaposed with brighter but slightly darker shades of purple and fuschia pink. I added these darker tones to my colour palette as I liked the striking contrast of light and dark. Using a blend of acrylic and merino wool, I was able to achieve the vibrant colour palette I desired.

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