Underwater World

Lucy Abbotts

Underwater World

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For my final project I decided to explore the idea of an ‘Underwater World’. I have always been drawn to vibrant colours and bold patterns found in nature, and my previous work has focused on floral and tropical themes. I am constantly inspired by brands such as Designer’s Guild, Timourous Beasties and Liberty London. All these brands have bold colour palettes and complex patterns in their collections.

Having recently been made aware of the destruction caused by bottom trawling on sea floors, I decided to explore ocean subjects. My goal is to create an immersive experience suggestive of the vivid confusion of the underwater world, and to help raise awareness of the beauty of ocean creatures, which is often overlooked.

Inspired by my own photos of sea life, I have created a combination of digital and hand drawn motif repeat patterns and prints. I wanted a variety of effects in my collection, therefore I used Photoshop and hand painting techniques to develop my silk screen designs. I love the unpredictable chaos created whilst combining techniques.

My final outcomes are a mixture of digitally printed fabrics and wallpapers. I think my wallpapers are most suitable for larger rooms, as there is a lot of detail in my hand drawn motifs. I have designed my collection for interiors. I have used lightweight materials such as polyester chiffon to create a light spring summer feel.

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