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The Belview Collection

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As a textile designer, I specialise in creating designs that are embroidered onto a range of fabrics. My work derives from the urban landscape, where I seek to extract shape and line. I then deconstruct and simplify my finds through collage, painting, mark making and drawing to create interesting and unique designs that are then embroidered using the multi-needle embroidery machine. I create my unique designs for use within an interior space. By using my own photography to inspire my colour palette I have generated two extensive collections of embroidered fabrics. The first collection focusing on the bright bold colours and the second collection showcasing calming greens, all of which were extracted from my own images.

I then created my collection called 'The Belview Collection'. This collection consists of two colour schemes with overlapping designs to bond the two together. The name 'Belview' comes from the collection being created in Belfast and the perspective and view of how I look at the images to extract and create the designs.

The designs were created and sampled, then using my favourite out of both collection I created soft furnishings.

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