Modern Ikat

Shakhina Mirjonova

Modern Ikat

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My project circulates around elements of colour and texture inspired by Ikat; a technique used by old master weavers in Uzbekistan. Ikat allows me freedom to play and grow as a maker and weaver. It connects me to my heritage and brings a sense of comfort whilst living far from home.

Living in London, a multicultural city, made me value my culture. Growing up surrounded by handmade goods and masters of craft makers, led to my interest and passion for textiles. Specialising in hand woven textiles, involved studying various techniques including traditional ikat. This drew my curiosity and became a source of inspiration for my graduate collection. Ikat is an ancient technique originating from Indonesia, which uses resist dye methods to create a natural pattern on the yarn prior to weaving the fabric. It’s a technique also widely used in part of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan.

I have created a unique range of card windings by combining modern and traditional Ikat techniques together. These woven designs bring together colour inspiration from nature and structural forms from designs adorning Uzbek Monuments. Weaving presents itself with a set of rules and order, this structure allows me to work methodically which I enjoy and draws me to take inspiration from architecture. My creative practice includes hand dyeing fabrics and yarns, weaving and creating intricate surface patterns through card windings and by reinventing the traditional technique. Colour is a key element in my work, I enjoy experimenting with various tones, mainly bold and vibrant colours that appeal strongly in characteristics. The highlight of my practice involves using silk and cotton yarns which attracts me to their richness in fine quality and delicate texture.

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