Level Eight Embroidery

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February's Designer of the month: Megan Jabour (Level Eight Embroidery) is a born and bred Sydney-sider who has recently taken the leap from creating for art herself and her friends, to putting out herself into the open market.

Instagram: @leveleightembroidery

Etsy: LivingonLevelEight

About Megan: Megan is known amongst her friends as a DIY bandit making anything creative including, timber furniture, ceramic pieces, day or eveningwear & unique artworks that hang in her home. With no formal training, except watching her parents creativity while growing up, she really enjoys the process of seeing an idea come to into reality. The more complicated the better! Megan has experimented with all kinds of mediums and found that gentle slow process of embroidery to be really therapeutic and relaxing while still so full of variation and expression. Megans current work is inspired by artists in other mediums as a textile tribute to what she finds beautiful. She is always on the look out for new sources of inspiration and is looking forward to expanding her collection and future collaborations.

Favourite textile technique: My interest is fairly broad ranging so I love love what I do, stitching / embroidery but I'm also really loving weaving, tuffing and knitting. I pretty much love anything tactile!

Inspirational Designers: I love Lauren Williams, Maryanne Moodle, Meghan Shimek, Helen Wilde and Ayse Sirin Budak, in the textile world the list would never end if I added other mediums!

Dream Job: Creating beautiful pieces of art with no constraints - hopefully I'm heading in that direction!